About Us

Your coffee, your way! Thousands of hours testing, perfecting and producing the finest coffee beans that are so fresh, when you open the bag you go wow! That’s what we sell.

We have been roasting to order using our traditional roasting equipment. This produces exceptional coffee which we believe is pretty darn good and a vastly superior product than those available in supermarkets.

Kaffeno is a friendly small team of passionate caring people who ensure that delicious freshly roasted coffee is being delivered daily throughout the UK. We like to keep the team small so you know who you are talking to. We aim to answer any enquiry the same day and do our best to ensure you are happy with our service.

Whats in the name? You may notice our products aren't traditional coffee names? Well, you would be right...we name our coffees after our staff member who have put their heart and sole into producing the coffee you are drinking

We believe we use the best equipment, employ the best staff that have the best training in everything coffee and we love to blend unique coffees that you will not find anywhere else. Try some - we promise you will not be disappointed.